Living Your Story

Culture and brand alignment.

It is critical that all who deliver the experience are ambassadors of the distinct culture of the brand – staff and clients should be able to feel and experience the culture and brand rather than have to be told what it is.


Belief builds trust.

It is important that the business purpose is reinforced and believed by all stakeholders. If the people who deliver the brand experience believe in the greater purpose then those who receive the experience will believe it too.


Enthusiasm is contagious.

People want to do business with people and businesses they like and who demonstrate shared values. Maintaining awareness of ‘how’ to deliver the promise of the experience is critical to the brand’s ongoing success.


Paying attention pays.

Many brands are built and then left to their own devices. This is a recipe for disaster. Paying attention to your brand pays. All great brands have brand guardians who protect the integrity of the brand build and its representation. We often play this role on behalf of the client.


At altitude, we don’t just build great brand experiences, we live them.

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