We can’t thank Peter enough. We had been thinking of doing a complete rebrand for sometime, but it wasn’t until we met Peter that we felt comfortable enough to take the plunge. We started this experience feeling a bit skeptical of the process – not really knowing where or how to start and concerned that a rebrand might impact our already established well-known image. Peter alleviated all our worries. He understood the importance of our core values as a business and never tried to change who we were. Throughout the whole process he always had our staff and clients’ needs in mind which really facilitated a smooth transition with positive feedback from all involved. We can’t thank Peter enough for everything he did for us and we are looking forward to working with him to continue to build the brand.

Caleb George, Director, Quo Group (July 2022)

We entrusted Peter with a challenging task of rebranding two law firms. Both brands had strong attachments to their named partners. We needed a complete refresh, new brand and entity that could cut through as modern and unique but still have some sense of security and tradition for our clients in the very stressful area of criminal defence law. The result was Hugo Law Group. The feedback from our merger and rebranding has been nothing short of glowing and it is a testament to Peter. He guided us through the difficult renaming step along with overseeing the website, stationery and office facade. Peter is extremely talented, creative and professional, adding value at each stage of the process. And best of all, a real pleasure to work with.

Adrian McKenna, Partner, Hugo Law Group – (September 2021)

Our experience with Peter was undeniably a sensational experience. Peter pushed our thinking, pushed our mindset and encouraged proactive collaboration between our in -house and outsourced teams. Peter was always honest, reliable and always represented our best interests. SuperStruct highly recommend Altitude and strongly suggest if you are looking to brand or re-brand, Peter and Altitude are A class in what they do.

PS: Don’t turn up late to Pete’s sessions – he cracks the whip pretty hard and certainly held us accountable throughout the process!

Bo Lamprey, General Manager, SuperStruct–(September 2021)

Peter came and transformed us from a bunch of people working in an office to a business with a vision that gave us purpose, which in turn gave us culture and confidence. We now know what we want to do and where we want to go. We learned to stay strong on core values with our customers as our values define how we will deliver and build reputation. Our message is simple and strong. Imagine better – and we did.

Best of all it was fun, it was inclusive and gave us insight into the world of branding that we never could have seen without Peter’s guidance.

We are a much better business for it.

Andrew Cleary – 12thLevel (June 2018)

Peter did a great job of keeping us on track through the journey of our rebrand. A really great thing was how he kept us connected to the emotional side of the brand. He was pivotal in translating what we felt, as well as thought, into our new brand. We love the result.

William Scheer ~ CEO ~ Reason Group (January 2018)

Thankyou you most sincerely for the guidance, support and above all your creative insightful inspiration – I particularly valued the way you spent quality time getting to know me and understand my driving passion – you looked beyond the obvious and discovered the true value proposition which incidentally has generated an excellent response from the market. I feel that your talent to see the real person and their intrinsic value stands you well apart from the competition.

Al Ramos ~ Director ~ Chess (September 2017)

Peter has been working with me for the last two years assisting with business and brand strategy – and his impact has been profound. During this time he has refreshed one of our established brands, built and managed another completely new entity, including assisting in the purchase of new premises, recruiting, mentoring and business development. His contribution has resulted not only in noticeable business growth but also demonstrated improvement in quality and service standards across our brands. Understandably, Peter is now our long term business strategist – I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for our business – he is a true business asset.

Kylie Qiu ~ CEO ~ Bayldon Group (March 2017)

Peter has been working on our brand for the last seven years. Quite frankly Peter is a unique person to work with – he sees the world in a different way; a way that I can only see when he puts the solution in front of me – and then I go wow! Peter recently created a name and brand for a new start up company we are creating. Once again, his unique thinking produced fresh, succinct ideas that will accelerate our engagement to new markets. Peter is a one-off – get him on your team if you can. Call me on 0419 844 526 if you want to know more.

Ed Nixon ~ CEO ~ Trilogy Funding (September 2016)

The return John McGrath Auto Group get on our investment with Peter is phenomenal. Since we began working with Peter 5 years ago we have noticed a dramatic increase in our brand awareness across all dealerships. With Peter on our team we get to create more business with less struggle – he is a talented professional and I highly recommend him to you if you have a desire to increase the value of your brand.

Warren Gill ~ CEO – McGrath Auto Group (August 2016)

When I engaged Peter I thought I knew a fair bit about branding. Clearly I did not. Peter not only took me and my team for an educational tour but created a fresh new image for my company that everybody feels a part of. As a result Maloney’s has become a more exciting and dynamic place to work. Peter is the man to bring fresh life into your business.

Peter Maloney ~ Maloney’s Property (July 2015)

Hi Peter, Cream Residential just won REIA small Agency of the Year for 2014. The rebranding and other changes you helped to implement has not only had a profound effect on the business and for Chris and Brenna personally but also resulted in a 10 fold increase in the business net profit. How do we do it again!

Gerard Boundy ~ Partner MAXIM Chartered Accountants

We have just launched our new brand and to say we are smitten is an understatement. The work Peter did with us was enlightening, inspirational, thoughtful and thorough. He showed empathy and understanding and applied in depth investigative workshopping for final choices. We couldn’t be happier and would recommend him completely.

Debra Nowell ~ Owner – Sympatico Interiors (July 2015)

Peter is a brand strategy master, pure and simple – I regularly draw on his talents and use him as a key mentor in my businesses

Nick Samaras ~ Publisher – Canberra Weekly (2014)

Peter is a gifted strategic thinker who is able to distil the essence of a organisation into concepts that can be easily understood by the public. I have drawn on his extensive marketing nous over a period of 6 years to develop campaigns for APHA. His process is creative, thorough and engaging and always outcome based. Our board very much appreciate his willingness to understand our business and align that with the needs of our markets. Peter is an outstanding professional.

Lisa Ramshaw ~ Director – Communications and Marketing ~ Australian Private Hospitals Association.

Peter delivered more value in 3 months to our organisation than other consultants delivered in a year.

Tony Winterbottom ~ General Manager – Defence Housing Australia (April 2014)

Peter, what you did for me is by far the best time and money I have ever spent on the business. I can’t thank you enough for the clarity and vision you have provided to my business – I have heartily recommended you to others. I hope (for their sake) they get in touch with you.

Amanda Kiley ~ Director ~ Omni Design (August 2014)

Peter, we have throughly enjoyed working with you, and greatly appreciated your ideas, creative flair and persistance. We are exceptionally happy with the end result – delighted with the revised logo, the website and all of the associated branding collateral. Client feedback has also been very positive – many thanks for challenging us and also being willing to collaborate – that is testament to your approach.

Dr Nigel Nutt ~ Partner- Apis Group (August 2014)

It’s simple, Peter is the best brand strategist in Australia.

Omania Terry ~ Director ~ Omania Terry Pty Ltd (2013)

Peter is a branding genius. Like many skills in life you cannot teach the skills that Peter has in relation to having your business represent you and your vision in the best light possible. I look forward to continuing to work with him.

Tim Benson ~ Publisher B2B Magazine (April 2013)

Peter, you are brilliant at your craft. Within minutes of our first meeting I recognised you had a spectacular talent for understanding and perceiving the core essence of my business which enabled you to develop the brilliant brand I have today. I already have, and will continue to recommend you as ‘the go to’ person for exceptional brand creation.

Julie Beck ~ Director – Hatch Property (January 2013)

Understanding and articulating the virtues of our great asset then making the all important sponsorship pitch is no easy task, but it’s why we have enjoyed working with a pro like Peter who just seems to make it all work. Definitely one of our integral team members!

Carrie Graf ~ Head Coach Australian Opals / Canberra Capitals (April 2013)

I have received such positive feedback about our new brand and how professional and polished it looks which I know is a direct result of Peter’s skills and his intuitive ability to know what the marketplace is looking for. I am so grateful for what Peter has done for us. He has reinvigorated and inspired us – I recommend him wholeheartedly to any business aspiring to achieve its potential.

Chris Wilson ~ Director – Cream Residential (July 2013)

Working with Peter has been an absolute joy. My business is difficult to describe due to the abstract and diverse nature of what I do. I have worked with a number of branding/marketing people in the past and none of them actually ‘got’ what it is I do. Peter absolutely ‘got ‘ what my business does and what we created was a brilliant brand that truly reflects my thinking and my business. I highly recommend Peter to any and all people/businesses wishing to truly reflect what they do in an innovative and savvy way. Peter is easy to work with, flexible and creatively brilliant – what a combination! I am very grateful we met and produced something I love so much.

Caron Egle ~ Director – Sage Thinking (January 2013)

Peter, your workshop facilitation was simply inspirational. Not only did the facilitation bring out the strengths, insights and passion in the people and clients in our business, it gave us a first hand insight into what needed to be embraced in our branding and marketing. As a result the first cut of our refreshed corporate branding, imagery and messaging was right on the mark and saved a huge amount of time in developing different approaches.

Mark Peatey ~ Partner – MAXIM Chartered Accountants

Hi Peter, this is the first time we have received such a positive impact to our marketing – thanks for playing such an important part in this achievement.

Nicolle Keyes ~ Mktg Mgr – Museum of Australian Democracy (June 2012)

Peter makes things happen that other’s just can’t. It’s his gift.

Rod Hattch ~ CEO – Wisdom Learning (May 2012)

Peter’s impact on our marketing was outstanding – his aligned approach increased revenues dramatically! – we couldn’t be happier.

Jason Naumann – Dealer Principal – Mercedes Benz Canberra (August 2012)

Pete’s an absolute pleasure and professional to work with and I’d have no hesitation encouraging others to seek out his expertise.

Lucille Bailie ~ Sponsorship Manager, Basketball ACT

Hi Peter, the name and brand is great, we love it and so do the clients, best thing we have done for the growth of our business.

Peter Williams ~ CEO – 4D Surveying (Jan 2010)

Our experience, commencing with the Brand Workshop, has been outstanding. We found the Workshop delivered a compelling brand strategy that became the foundation of the development of the new positioning and logo. Our clients, staff and suppliers have quickly adopted the new name and responded very positively to the brand. The initial outcome has been a revitalisation of the company through the enthusiasm generated by your work. We have already seen an increase in our business and expect substantial growth in revenue following the official launch and subsequent media campaign.

Donna Alexander ~ Marketing Manager Connexxion

Peter is a fantastic facilitator and I love his enthusiasm.

Katherine Maloney ~ Chief Ministers Department

Dear Peter, our company includes creative architects and designers, practical no nonsense builders and hardnosed business managers. The Brand Workshop you conducted and subsequent marketing planning for Strine Environments has been a positive and stimulating experience for all of us involved. We came out of it on the ‘one page’, enthused and empowered and knowing that we now have a strong brand strategy.

Janet Carey ~ Executive Director Strine Environments

Dear Peter, the Brand Workshop process you conducted identified the key essence of Beyond Neutral’s business which our brand needed to symbolise and portray to its markets. The Workshop greatly assisted us to coalesce our thinking on the right brand to use in the market. We can clearly see how this essence is embedded in the final design of our brand and how it will portray ‘who we are’ to our markets. Thankyou for your positive contribution to growing my business.

Mark O’Brien ~ Director – Beyond Neutral Pty Ltd

We received great affirmation for our new brand last night which was great to hear!! You have been a fantastic partner in getting the new brand off the ground and we are very happy with the new design. You certainly pushed us into challenging what we wanted to project to the market, (a position we usually find ourselves imposing and not receiving!) and I think the outcome is excellent. Though the last few weeks have been stressful we feel confident moving forward with Tempo to new customers and greater success. You have been instrumental in this shift and we would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on our new brand.

Tim Glendinning ~ Director – Tempo Strategies

Dear Peter, The new brand has taken our business to another place, a great place! – our staff feel ownership and our clients love doing business with The Firm. Thanks for your passion, enthusiasm and insight which was instrumental in guiding our brand development.

Andrew Eggleton ~ Partner – The Firm (January 2010)

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