Andrew Cleary from Clearz Defence approached altitude to review their brand positioning and strategy. Through this process it became evident that the importance of trust between the organisation and their clients was the clear point of distinction. This was not reflected to best effect in the existing brand. It was also felt a more relevant and resonant brand proposition would better represent the values of the company. A renaming and positioning was called for.

And so 12thLevel was born. 12thLevel is about trust. It was derived from the CEO’s experience with friends in his youth ‘if they were 12thLevel secrets they were in the vault’. This ‘importance of trust’ culture is strongly embedded in the organisation and is now better reflected in the new brand experience.

12th Level’s foundation values were distilled as Commitment, Curiosity and Courage. These values are integral to the 12th Level corporate culture (team interactions and approach to work), never losing sight of its love of a challenge and determination to resolve the business dilemmas presented by clients.

Client comment

‘Peter came and transformed us from a bunch of people working in an office to a business with a vision that gave us purpose, which in turn gave us culture and confidence. We now know what we want to do and where we want to go. We learned to stay strong on core values with our customers as our values define how we will deliver and build reputation. Our message is simple and strong. Imagine better – and we did.

Best of all it was fun, it was inclusive and gave us insight into the world of branding that we never could have seen without Peter’s guidance.

We are a much better business for it.’

Andrew Cleary – CEO & Founder