5 secrets to GUARANTEED marketing success


That’s a BIG call – 5 secrets that will GUARANTEE your marketing success but it’s a claim I am prepared to make and back!

Why? well, for two reasons that relate to effective branding;

  1. If it’s not affective, it’s not effective, and;
  2. During my 30 years branding experience I have analysed and defined what has made some organisations so much more successful than others.

And I know it works as I have contributed to making these organisations measureably more successful by following these proven principles. These principles are based on tapping into the human psyche – what humans look for in brands to motivate engagement and belonging. And they are based on my 30 years unique experience – ie; you won’t find these principles in a text book – they are derived from real life examples.

Here they are;

Make what you excel at, visible– determine your strengths and promote them, consistently, constantly and with clarity. Align these strengths with the values of your ‘ideal’ audiences and you will create engagement and loyalty.

Define your purpose and tell an ongoing, compelling story – people love stories and effective organisations continually articulate a compelling story about their purpose.

Create and portray an enthusiastic brand personality – be aware that you are a brand and your organisation or department is a brand – be aware that enthusiasm is desired and contagious. People gravitate toward people and brands that are enthusiastic about what they do and how they can help.

Remove any barriers to engage – know your audiences, consider their worries and fears, their aspirations, and address them in your brand communications.

Make the promise of your experience relevant, resonant and risk free.

Deliver on the promise you make, consistently – you need to deliver on the ‘promise’ your brand makes at least 80% of the time so make sure all who deliver your service are well versed on the promise of your brand experience. And if you f**k it up, fix it up, quickly.

If you follow the above principles consistently and in alignment with the desires of your audiences you will be successful – you cannot fail. Why? – because you are demonstrating shared values and building TRUST by delivering something your audiences desire in a way that they want to receive it.

And that’s why Harley Davidson is the second most popular tattoo in the world – the epitomy of a living brand!

If you want to know more about how applying the above can help your organisation – get in touch. I’d be happy to help, I guarantee it!