The lowdown on staying relevant


As many who have worked with me will well know relevance and resonance are my key mantras. They underpin what I do for clients, that is; build distinctive and relevant brand experiences that resonate with identified audiences.

In my experience relevance always dominates. For instance, a newspaper can have the best editorial team and coverage but if the audience is being converted to other channels for their news feeds then the newspaper’s relevance is diminished.

Relevant brand experiences can be everything from an email communication to a major outdoor event. The underlying principle remains the same – is what we are providing presented in a relevant context and is the messaging aligned to create engagement and resonance?

How do you test this?

The first thing you need to understand is that what got you here won’t necessarily get you there. In order to communicate with relevance into the future you may need to be prepared to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. That is; learn new things – new things about your audience preferences and new things about how they receive information.

Times have changed, the way people receive and engage with information has changed. Expectations have changed. So you need to continually adapt in order to stay relevant and resonant.

But what remains the same is – people want to engage with brands that are relevant, resonant and display alignment – consistently and constantly.

You need to address the following; is our brand promise relevant and resonant with identified audiences? is it a promise we can sustain? and importantly, will it sustain our business?

Circumstances and consequences affect context and subsequently, relevance.

Even a great brand like Mercedes had to learn this the hard way and adapt – and the result is their products are now amongst the most sought after in the car industry.

First know yourself and what you are truly capable of, then know your ‘tribe’, the people who consider you important – know them intimately. Then communicate appropriately.

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