Bayldon Meats


altitude created and has been managing the Bayldon brand for the last four years. In this time we have refreshed an existing brand, built a new brand entity, managed the acquisition of new premises, recruited brand ambassadors, mentored staff and developed and executed business development strategies.

Due to a continued focus on delivering on the ‘promise of the experience’ the brand has earned the right to grow and has more than doubled the size of their premises and now provide additional services and products to meet market demand. In partnership with Bayldon we continue to look at innovative ways to expand the products and services and deliver an even more resonant brand experience.

Client comment

Peter has been working with me for the last four years assisting with business and brand strategy. His impact has been profound. His contribution has resulted not only in noticeable business growth but also demonstrated improvement in quality and service standards across our brands. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for our brands – he is a true business asset.’

Kylie Qiu – CEO – Bayldon Group