Reason Group

Reason Group

altitude has been managing the Reason Group brand for the last two years. In this time we transitioned the organisation from Predicate Partners to Reason Group and we were the architect of all branding and associated collateral. This has included development of corporate and recruitment videos. We were also instrumental in aligning public affairs resourcing to assist with government engagement and strengthening their influence on government policy.

The Reason Group brand and branding is now a standard bearer for the organisation and a confidence catalyst for increased growth and engagement from both clients and employees, driving a dramatic increase in ‘right type’ clients and projects.

Client comment

Peter did a great job of keeping us on track through the journey of our rebrand. A really great thing was how he kept us connected to the emotional side of the brand. He was pivotal in translating what we felt, as well as thought, into our new brand. We love the result.

William Scheer – CEO & Founder – Reason Group