Cream Residential

Cream Residential

Chris Wilson from Cameron Real Estate knew his business branding needed a refresh. The brand was tired and whilst they had a great business in property management, the sales side was missing opportunities.

He approached altitude who utilised our brand lens process which involves research, stakeholder workshops and market definition that resulted in transitioning Cameron Real Estate to Cream Residential. The irony is that Cream contains the letters included in Cameron – ‘what we like to tell everyone is that we took the cream from Cameron and created Cream Residential’ Peter Ring

The result has been profound with a ten fold increase in net profit and winning the 2014 REIA Small Agency of the Year.

Pre brand strategy process:

  • Chris was disillusioned with the business.
  • There was no engagement from the team.
  • Market position for sales (most profitable) was non-existent.
  • Business performance was poor – morale was low.
Post brand strategy process;
  • Chris has strong sense of re-engagement / spending time on profitable part of the business – growing by 5 to 10 times.
  • Business net profit is up by 500% +.
  • New staff have joined and are heavily invested in brand experience.
  • Cream Residential won best small agency of the year @ 2014 REIA awards.

Client comment

‘I have received such positive feedback about our new brand and how professional and polished it looks which I know is a direct result of Peter’s skills and his intuitive ability to know what the marketplace is looking for. I am so grateful for what Peter has done for us. He has reinvigorated and inspired us – I recommend him wholeheartedly to any business aspiring to achieve its potential.’

Chris Wilson – Director – Cream Residential (July 2013)

‘Peter, Cream Residential just won REIA small Agency of the Year for 2014, The rebranding and other changes you implemented has had a profound effect on the business and contributed to a 10 fold increase in business net profit. How do we do it again!’

Gerard Boundy – Partner – MAXIM Chartered Accountants