The power of insights over facts


For the first time ever in the history of civilisation we can find the answer to anything we ever wanted to know or ever will want to know from a little piece of smart technology known as our smartphone.

Anything; – for example, I just searched the answers to;

Q. Where was the wheel invented? A. Mesopotamia

Q. What date did man step on the moon? A. July 20 1969

My point is there is a plethora of information and statements of fact easily and readily available to all of us. What’s in short supply is insightful insights derived from the information.

My definition of insights can best be translated as information intuition or reflection; that is; deep understanding and discernment of the facts and distilling and interpreting the best use of the information to derive the end ‘insightful comprehension’ of the knowledge.

To reveal, not state.

So, for example, an ‘insightful insight’ that could be derived and articulated from the following recent newspaper headline –

‘High level Public Servants need to do more about making tough decisions and giving more advice…’

Potential insight and better articulation of above through deep understanding of the subject and context could be;

‘The current Public Service culture needs to do more to encourage and support frank and fearless advice’

Understanding what the information is telling you is much more valuable than just understanding the facts.

Ask yourself, what is the insight derived from the deep understanding and discernment of the information you are imparting?

Address and communicate the insight, not the fact – it is far more compelling, and more importantly, relevant.